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StoneDeks Silca System Grate - installation guide


StoneDeks System is ideal for a "Do-It-Yourselfers"

StoneDeks is leading the way in outdoor living space innovation. The patented StoneDeks System, allows you to build or refinish your deck with stone, porcelain, or any other pavers to become a beautiful, durable, and virtually maintenance-free deck of your dreams.

The StoneDeks Silca System doesn’t stop at just decks. You can use the system with walkways, balconies, raised and tiered patios, rooftops, and more!

Simply put, StoneDeks System is a sub-flooring system that installs on top of pre-existing or newly built wood or metal deck joists. Doing so allows your deck to support any type of stone or paver you'd like. StoneDeks System can help you transform your wood deck into a beautiful, durable and low-maintenance stone deck. Not only is it strong and beautiful but it's also made with recycled materials.


 SilcaGrates have a 20 year residential warranty, and a 10 year commercial warranty.

Silca Soil Grid


The patented SilcaGrate™ is the core of the entire StoneDeks System. You can use this durable sub-flooring grate to apply stone to almost any hardscape or deck design. The entire StoneDeks System is engineered for strength and easy installation to create an attractive, long-lasting, low maintenance deck.

SilcaGrate™ has made it possible for DIY homeowners, deck architects, deck designers and deck builders to be creative with new and exciting decking ideas for a durable deck flooring that enhances the outdoor living experience. Our SilcaGrate™ is Eco-friendly as well, in that it’s made from recycled material. Because of this, the SilcaGrate™ may very in colour.

Silca Soil Grid

Silca Soil Grid HS30 Hardscape Grid

Save money and time on your substructure with the HS30 is a heavy duty linking grid system that allows you to build stronger hardscapes by stabilizing the base material.


  • Up to 50% base reduction in excavation
  • Up to 30% labour cost savings
  • Wider pin-poin load dispersal
  • Reduced warranty call-backs from shifting and sinking
  • Reduced settling issues
  • Sustainable, efficient and profitable
  • Heavy duty and permeable base stabilization
  • Complete installations support vehicle traffic
  • Easily installed interlocking system
  • Comes in pre-connected sheets 52" x 39" for fast installation.
  • Each grid is 13" x 13" x 1 1/2" thick