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thermally modified ash Decking

TANTIMBER Installation, care and specifications guide

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Exterior Ash elevates outdoor projects by bringing the clean elegance of interior design to the outside world.

Tantimber exterior wood is manufactured using the most advanced technology in Europe. White Ash is dried to 0% moisture content in thermal chambers. Steam is added to stabilize the wood during the process. The final equalized moisture content is 5%. Heated to approx. 400 degrees using only heat and steam, with no chemicals. This rearranges the cell structure to reduce movement related to moisture, hence enhancing stability, becoming resistant to rot and decay as well. 

Use for: Decking, Handrails, Pickets, Cladding, Siding, Soffit, Facia, Fencing, Privacy Screens, Planter Boxes, Exterior Garden Furniture, Interior Feature Walls, Ceiling Paneling

  • Made from sustainable, renewable raw materials harvested in North America
  • Thermal modification process makes the wood less likely to warp, check, bow, cup or twist
  • All-natural, chemical-free thermal modification process
  • Easier on tooling and lighter than IPE
  • Non-toxic dust
  • Low Maintenance
  • Class 1 durability rating
  • End Matched
Thermally modified ash deck boards


Tantimber TMT Ash Decking products offer a wide range of profiles that can be used comfortably in extensive pedestrian traffic areas such as pool sides, public areas, shopping malls, lanscaping, etc.

A smooth or brushed finish; fasten with hidden fasteners.

The Biological Life is a Minimum 25 years.