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Cleats by Dock Edge

Not all cleats listed on our website are available at our stores for "cash and carry". Contact us for further product enquiry or to place an order.

"S" Cleats

S cleats More on "S" Cleats

Open Base Cleat

Open Base Cleat More on Open Base Cleat

Stainless Steel Bollard

Stainless Steel Bollard More on Bollards

Cast Iron Cleat

Cast Iron Cleat More on Cast Iron Cleats

Classic Cleat

Classic  Cleats More on Classic Cleats

Dock Builder Cleat

Aluminum Open Base Cleat More on Dock Builder

Flip-Up Dock Cleat

Flip-Up dock Cleat More on Flip-Up Cleat


InstaCleat<sup>™</sup> More on InstaCleat

Molded Cleats

Molded Cleats More on Molded Cleats

Solar Cleat

Solar Cleat More on Solar Cleat

Tie-Up Cleat

Tie-Up Cleat More on Tie-Up Cleat


PortaCleat<sup>™</sup> More on PortaCleat

Mooring Ring

Mooring Ring More on Mooring Ring

Zinc Plated Dock Ring

Zinc Plated Dock Ring More on Zinc Plated

Screw-In Dock Ring

Screw-In Dock Ring More on Dock Ring