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Deck2Wall Spacer

DECK2WALL® SPACERS work much better than stacked washers.

Deck2Wall Spacer Material: Glass Filled Polypropylene

  • D2W are faster & easier to Install because they're screwed to the ledger.
  • D2W are non corrosive.
  • D2W have a larger bearing surface for better load distribution.
  • Testing showed that D2W do not weaken the connection like washers.
  • D2W are much easier to waterproof than washers.
  • D2W can be used with a wider selection of fasteners.

Available Sizes

2-1/2" Diameter, 5/8" Thick - #D2W58
2" Diameter, 1/2" Thick - #D2W38-SWS

Spacers sold individually.

Deck2Wall in use

Deck2wall® Spacers will help prevent rot by providing drainage and airflow. Poorly designed ledger connections can trap moisture between your deck and house, which can lead to decay. This condition causes costly repairs to your home and is often a contributing factor when a deck collapses.