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The below are quick links to help demonstrate some of the products available through Deck Masters of Canada. These reference videos have no affiliation with Deck Masters of Canada. They are provided purely as a quick link resourse to aid in use of such product or help determine if this product is the one for you.

Cutek Extreme Amazing Facts

Fun facts about Cutek Extreme. Fun Fact number 1. it never flakes!
CUTEK Extreme International

Welcome to Cutek

Effective Wood Protection, made easy
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The Cutek difference

The differences between Cutek and other wood protection.
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My deck is peeling, what should I do?

Using Cutek Naked Strip and ProClean to prepare your deck.
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Do I need to sand my deck?

Using Naked Strip as a sanding alternative. Low odour, gentle on the enviroment and wood.
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How do I use Naked Strip?

A guide to using Naked Strip
Courtesy Cutek

Preparing new wood

Using ProClean to prepare your new wood
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How to make grey wood look new again

A guide to using ProClean
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Looking for a better way to clean your wood?

Using ProClean. A professional stain and mould/mildew remover. ProClean can remain on wood up to 24 hours. Can be used in the hot sun.
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How do I use ProClean?

A guide to using ProClean
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Before you build… "CUTEK protec"

Avoid splitting, warping and graying. Apply Cutek protec to ALL sides of the wood prior to installation.
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How do I apply CUTEK oils?

Clean, dry wood free of stains and debree. Use a quality brush. Use Colourtone and Cutex.
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Important: clear vs colourtone

Using clear Cutek oils with or without adding colours. A help video on this decision.
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