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In-Lite pathway Bollard Lights (alphabetically)

5 YEAR IN-LITE WARRANTY We devote a considerable amount of attention to the quality of our products and want you to be able to fully enjoy your lighting. That's why we provide a 5 year warranty on all our fixtures and transformers.

Note! in-lite provides a 5 year warranty on all fixtures and transformers. When components which are not from in-lite are used in the system, this nullifies the warranty. No rights can be derived from the stated burning hours of LED light sources. Retrofit interchangeable light sources are excluded from the in-lite warranty. The manufacturer warranty from the relevant supplier will apply. If a replacement product is provided, a claim can only be made on the replaced product during the remainder of the current warranty period. 

If a defect is found in your product within the warranty period, we (in-lite) will repair it for you. If the product cannot be repaired, we (in-lite) will provide a new one. If the model is no longer available, we (in-lite) will offer a suitable alternative. We (in-lite) always ensure that you can once again enjoy your lighting as soon as possible. 

Ace 12V Bollard
Ace pathway bollard light example in Rose Silver
In-Lite Ace pathway bollard illuminating treed walkway.

The ACE bollard provides a soft light that can be used to illuminate a path or driveway.
Colours: White, Rosé Silver, Dark Grey, Flat Grey & Corten

Ace High 12V Bollard
In-Lite Ace High bollard in Corten
In-Lite Ace High bollard installed in grass

The ACE HIGH produces a downward light on two sides. Use between plants and ornamental grasses.
Colours: Flat Grey, White, Rosé Silver, Dark Grey & Corten

Disk 12V Bollard
In-Lite disk bollard 12V
In-Lite disk bollard lighting up daisies in garden bed

The 60 cm tall  DISC bollard  is perfect for creating ambiance in borders and for use as indication lighting along paths.
Colours: Black

Disk Low 12V Bollard
In-Lite disk low bollard
In-Lite disk low bollard beside taller one

At a height of 35 cm, the DISC LOW is perfect for creating ambiance in borders and for use as indication lighting along paths
Colours: Black

Evo 12V Bollard
In-Lite Evo Dark
In-Lite Evo path lights installed down walkway

Designed for illuminating a driveway or walkway, producing a sleek light display on one side.
Colours: Black

Evo Low 12V Bollard
In-Lite Evo Low 12V Bollard Dark
In-Lite Evo low 12V Bollard installed on side of walkway

The Evo low produces a broad and attractive soft light perfect for creating a unique lighting ambiance. 
Colours: Black

Liv 12V Bollard
IN-lite Liv Dark 12V pathway bollard led light
In-Lite Liv Dark Grey bollard installed in garden

Produces a warm, mood light on all sides. Designed for illuminating tall plants.
Colours: White, Rosé Silver, Dark Grey & Corten

Liv Low 12V Bollard
In-Lite Liv Low white pathway light
In-Lite Liv low bollard installed in garden

The low above ground LIV LOW fixture produces uniform, warm white ambient light.
Colours: White, Rosé Silver, Dark Grey & Corten

Sway 12V Bollard
In-Lite sway 12v bollard
In-Lite sway garden bollard light in garden

The SWAY is a flexible and versatile bollard. Choose from 3 different heights and 2 different head sizes.
Colours: Pearl Grey & Black

In-Lite Voque 12V floor light
In-Lite Voque in garden beside big Voque

VOQUE is a wonderful luminaire with a modern design. It is the smaller version to the Big VOQUE.
Colour: Black

Big VOQUE 12v
In-Lite Big Voque 12V
Big Voque sitting on gravel in backyard

BIG VOQUE is a unique floor lamp with a dark-tinted shade especially for highlighting prominent spots in your garden.
Colour: Black