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Trex® Deck - LED Recessed Deck Lights

Recessed Deck Lights from Trex efficiently light the way to, from and around your deck. Installed flush on the deck board, these subtle dot lights can add functional beauty along the edge of a deck or the underside of a platform deck. Plus, Recessed Deck Lights can be installed with virtually any type of decking material, including Trex. They beautifully match with the rest of Trex Deck Lighting, as well as our high-performance line of composite decking and railing, and can be quickly installed with the Trex LightHub connection system.

  • 1" diameter round LED recessed fixtures that are fully potted and sealed
  • Excellent for edges of decks, the underside of platform decks or create your own unique look
  • Installs into virtually any decking material
  • Compatible with the Trex LightHub installation system
  • Requires Trex 12v DC transformer (sold separately)


  • 4 LED Recessed Lights (1 in or 25mm outer dimensions)
  • 5’5” (1.67 m) Male LightHub lead
  • 7 year warranty



Every box contains: 4 smooth finished LED 3000K outdoor round lights

Trex recessed deck light with wire

Neutral Colour

Trex recessed deck lights, 4 pack, package
Trex recessed deck light installed in Trex deck board
Trex recessed deck light detail, installed in Trex deck board