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InvisiRail Glass Railing Canadian Product

Invisirail glass rail

InvisiRail, Glass Railing

The InvisiRail™ glass railing system maximizes visibility through your railing without sacrificing strength or durability. Up to 6 ft on-centre spans with a variety of posts, colors and accessories to choose from.

Glass railing is available with or without a top railing.

No Top Railing With minimal visual obstructions, InvisiRail™ with no top rail allows you to enjoy your view while providing a safe guard rail for your indoor or outdoor living space.

With Top Railing available with different top rail options to provide additional strength to your railing while minimizing large visual obstructions to your view.

No Top Railing
no top railing

You work hard to create that view, maintain it with InvisiRail™. Experience the ultimate in wide open viewing with the lowest profile post and no top or bottom rail.

Top Railing
Top Railing

Many jurisdictions are now mandating a top rail with glass guard rails. Invisirail has engineered a complete top rail system that can be included or retrofitted onto there railings.

Glass Mounting OptionsCanadian Product

Spigots spigots

Invisirail surface-mounted spigots are a low-profile glass rail alternative. Made for 12mm thick glass panels. Threaded screws allow for leveling which makes it easy to use on uneven surfaces. Secondary set screws are also included to align the top edges of the panels. Cover plate / skirt is provided to hide lag screws. Made of 316 Stainless-Steel. Black powder coated finish can be special ordered. Cover plate measures 5-1/8" square, spigot sits 9-3/4" tall.

Posts Posts

Choose from InvisiPosts, Visti Posts, Classic Posts or Wood

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Stand Offs Stand Offs

Made of 316 Stainless-Steel. Made for 10mm or 12mm thick glass panels. Stand-offs are 2" in diameter. Ideal for interior applications where there is a limited amount of floor space or a narrow stair opening. Black powder coated finish can be special ordered.