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Vista Aluminum Picket Railing System

Vista Rail Systems, wide picket Fence example

Wide Picket Example

Fully Pre-Assembled Posts
Factory attached and sleeved posts mean quick and simple assembly and assures a professional fit and finish.
Ease of Installation
Post sleeves cover minor issues and allow angled entry.
Stair Connection is Simple and Clean
No bulky connector / insert stair rail into post cut out and fasten in place.
Engineered Design Manual
Practical engineered stamp, post layouts, post fixing, attaching to the deck.
Assembly Fasteners Provided
Includes all components required to assemble railing sections.
Cap Rail Adapter
Creates a flat surface that connects decking and railing in a clean andcontinuous style.

NOTE: Additional accessories and connectors are available as part of the full Vista engineered aluminum guardrail systems. Remember to include post base plate covers when ordering.  Remember to include post base plate covers when ordering.

PDF Image icon Picket Railing System

Available in

Gloss Black (BK), Textured Black (XB), Textured Grey (TG), Textured Bronze (YB) or Gloss White (WT) or as a premium colour (available in 42" railing height only).

gloss black sample
textured black sample
textured grey sample
gloss white sample
textured bronze sample
Vista Rail Systems, wide picket Fence example

Narrow Picket Example


Fully pre-assembled sleeved post speed and simplify assembly. Assembly fasteners included. Patented snap and wrap picket spacers.

Rails: Premium powder-coating and contemporary styling. Each Rail pack includes top and bottom rails, picket gasketing, and support leg.

Posts: Fully pre-assembled and sleeved posts with the top rail connector sleeve welded on. Bottom rail bracket comes pre-attached. Rail to post fasteners included.

Picket Packs: Each Picket packet includes pickets and patented snap and wrap spacers (between pickets) for easy affixing to both the top and bottom rails.


Low maintenance! Premium powder-coating applied through a rigorous pre-treatment and powder-coating process assures a virtually maintenance free product. No painting, no staining, no rust, no rot!

Vista additional picket parts details
Vista Railing Systems Aluminum Picket Rail Installation
Vista Railing Systems Aluminum Picket Stair (36-Post) Installation