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Canadian Product Tandostone Composite Stone Siding

Evolve Siding

TandoStone's unique Tando TruGrit™ texture gives the feel and low-gloss look homeowners desire. Professionals love the rigid panels that install fast and easily with standard Siding tools. The high tech composite construction of TandoStone makes it impervious to moisture, allowing installation at ground level and in any weather.

Stacked Stone

Tando Stacked Stone is a dry stack profile without grout lines between stones. The classic elegance and intricate detail of small stones give this stone the appearance of a precision hand-laid dry-stack set.

Creek Ledgestone

Tando Creek Ledgestone features various sized stones with grout lines in-between. The rugged look of hand-picked stone installed with grout shows the natural variation of each stone.

Architectural Sill

Architectural Sill is a deep profile that is architecturally accurate with a realistic look and feel. Designed with a slope forward to direct water away from a structure, Tando’s Architectural Sill offers superior moisture management while delivering beauty and functionality. As a complement to the Architectural Sill, Tando has also developed an Architectural Sill Corner that can be used as a corner or can be easily cut on the left side or right side to act as an end cap to terminate a run.

TandoStone product example

Tando meets the consumer’s need for low maintenance exteriors but without having to compromise on the natural beauty and realism of authentic cedar and stone.

Stacked Stone Colours

StackedStone Lewiston Crest example

Lewiston Crest

StackedStone Lewiston Crest example

Glacier Bay

StackedStone Lewiston Crest example

Sedona Buff

StackedStone Lewiston Crest example

Santa Fe

StackedStone Lewiston Crest example

Chesnut Hills

Creek Ledgestone colours

Creek Ledgestone Appalachian Ash example

Appalachian Ash

Creek Ledgestone Rocky Mountain Clay example

Rocky Mountain Clay

Creek Ledgestone Bucks County Gray example

Bucks County Gray

Creek Ledgestone Arizona Sandstone example

Arizona Sandstone

Creek Ledgestone Nordic Mist example

Nordic Mist

Architectural Sill & Corner

architectural sill example in colour Pewter


architectural sill example in colour Sable


architectural sill example in colour Raven


architectural sill corner example Pewter

Corner Pewter

architectural sill corner example sable

Corner Sable

architectural sill corner example Raven

Corner Raven