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Trusscore wall and ceiling board shown in a residential kitchen

Trusscore. Changing the way the world builds interior walls and ceilings.

Trusscore makes a range of products suitable for every use-case, products that install four times faster than existing alternatives, and with a durable finished appearance that is unparalleled. Applications include home garages and workshops, commercial projects, including hospitality venues, restaurants and offices, and agricultural applications from barns, to indoor grow rooms, to animal containment – any facility or room that requires a crisp, clean, long-lasting finish.

Residential use: Garages, workshops, laundry rooms, basements, and mudrooms – Trusscore is the easy-to-install, cost-effective solution for any home utility area.

Commercial use including agricultural: Barns, Stables, Dog kennels, car washes and processing plants – Trusscore’s interlocking wall and ceiling systems offer a lifetime of savings and performance over painted drywall or fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) panels.

slatwall  accessories
Slatwall with Accessories
Trusscoe slatwall
NorLock Interlocking
NorLock InterLocking
NorLock flat top/bottom
NorLock flat top/bottom
Trusscoe wall ceiling board
Wall & Ceiling Board
Ribcore example
Ribcore example used in a barn
castle gate