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CUTEK Quickclean

CUTEK® Quickclean

CUTEK® Quickclean is the perfect way to regularly keep all your wood clean, and it prepares wood to optimize the performance of maintenance coats of CUTEK® Extreme.

It will easily remove dirt, grease and grime from your outside surfaces as well as even out CUTEK® Colourtone that has started to wear or erode unevenly on your wood.

CUTEK® Quickclean is a concentrate that should be diluted with water. The dilution will vary depending on the build-up of dirt/grease on the surface.

CUTEK® Quickclean Product Information PDF

PACK SIZES: 1.89 L /64 US fl. oz

  • Powerful outdoor surface cleaner
  • Cleans up CUTEK® Extreme spills with ease
  • Perfect for regular wood cleaning