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EDGEFast - product guide


If you thought HIDfast was a quick and easy fastener system, get a load of this guy.

Clearly, HIDfast is an ambitious company if they set to work on something faster than an already reliable and quick fastener system. 

EDGEFast is outstanding for Pressure Treated & Cedar decking as well as PVC & Trex grooved composites. The main difference with using it on PVC & Composite decking is that the fastener entry point is visible (like Camo). Used on PT or cedar decking, the first rain usually causes the wood to swell enough to hide the fastener.  

You place it once, and shoot twice, securing two boards to the joist at either 0, 1/8" 3/16" or 1/4" gaps. (or a custom gap of your choice). It has trigger execution, so no need for a rubber mallet, and refills at lightning speed.

The fasteners come in 304 grade stainless steel or the more economical "edgecoat steel". They have a stepped cross section for strength and to avoid splitting the joist below.

It's easy to load, simple to use, super tough and will get the job done.

The Difference Between EDGEFast and HIDFast

HIDfast EDGEfast
Works with wood yes solids only
Works with Composite most boards, grooved only Trex grooved only
Works with PVC yes yes
Trigger firing no yes

HIDFast took their original fastener tool and gave it a better ergonomical gun shape. They attached a sleek slide load fastener holster, a pivoting level head, and a trigger instead of a mallet head.