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WindsorONE Trim & Moulding

WindsorONE, for Exterior & Interior Mouldings & Trim

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Every building is subject to wear and tear from weather conditions and occupant usage. All building components have a design service life, which may be affected by environmental conditions and installation and maintenance measures. All building components require regular inspections and scheduled maintenance to maximize their performance and service life. The maintenance instructions provide some guidelines for such inspections and maintenance.

Exterior Use

WindsorONE exterior trims


Exterior trim comes in many sizes. Protected trim boards have a 30-year manufacturers warranty. Trim Boards available in up to 2×12 sizes

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WindsorONE exterior mouldings


Exterior mouldings are protected with a limited 30-year warranty. Durable, knot free boards.

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WindsorONE exterior Tongue and Groove boards

Tongue & Groove

BEADBOARD, V-GROOVE & PLANTATION, PROTECTED with a 30-year warranty against rot, insects & mold. Soffitts, ceilings, porch lids and more.  

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WindsorONE exterior shiplap


Protected with a 30 year warranty; shiplap profiles are durable for the exterior.

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Interior Use

WindsorONE interior trim


Scaled up trim, craftsman style, wainscoting and coffered ceiling

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WindsorONE interior mouldings


Capping off door trim, wainscoting & detail mouldings, mantel detailing and craftsman window trim and mouldings. So many different areas that mouldings can excentuate your home or office.

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WindsorONE interior tongue and groove boards

Tongue & Groove

BEADBOARD, V-GROOVE & PLANTATION, PROTECTED with a 30-year warranty* against rot, insects & mold.

BEADBOARD & V-GROOVE, TRADITIONAL, all tongue & groove boards are manufactured with precision; giving you straight tight & true 16' boards 

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WindsorONE interior shiplap

Shiplap & Nickel Gap

SHIPLAP: Choose your own reveal, Reversible/ Smooth or Rough-Sawn, Protected with a 30yr Warranty.

NICKEL GAP: Consistent pre-set gap for easier installation, Smooth Finish, Available in Traditional only

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